Deirdre Hassett


Since I started training with Wes, I’ve enjoyed some of my best results in triathlon and running.  His program is very much customized to each athlete, with no redundant workouts.

One of the things I really appreciate about his coaching is that his overall approach is very much holistic as well as scientific, assessing your general wellbeing, taking life stress (work, family, sleep and all the other real-life factors) into account to determine how best to customize your training.

I achieved a personal record for Ironman 70.3 at Santa Cruz in 2017, and qualified for the World Championships, despite a year in which I had a stressful work travel schedule; it’s testament to Wes’s skill as a coach that the carefully balanced training plan which he created to fit around my travel schedule allowed me to achieve my triathlon goals despite less than optimal training conditions.

Some of my best results training with Wes:

– 2015 3rd AG Wildflower Long Course Triathlon

– 2015 4th AG Ironman Canada

– 2016 Overall Female Series Winner – Brazen Racing Ultra Half Trail Series

– 2017 2nd AG USAT Duathlon National Championships

– 2017 2nd AG Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz 

Dean Bowen


Wes did an awesome job in getting me to the 70.3 World Championships with a PR of 4:15. Simply put, he took my racing to the next level. He did an in-depth swim video analysis and got my swim pace down from 1:34/yd to 1:15/yd.

He designed cycling workouts that improved my watts from 230w (avg) to 290w (avg) for a 56-mile bike. There are two things that separate him from typical coaches: his thorough analysis and structured plan that he designs, and he is always available to mentor you through the process.         

Cassie O’Brien


Previously when I had trained for a similar event with someone else, I got burned out during the training process and ultimately was left unsatisfied with my final result. Dead set on feeling good about my performance and having a stronger race day, I decided to work with Wes because several of my friends recommended him.

During the various stages of training, Wes was careful to check in with me, alter the plan when needed, and supported me through the process. When I wasn’t feeling as if I was moving forward, he explained why we were doing what we were doing, based on current research, and pointed out ways in which I had improved that I was not seeing.

In the end he was absolutely correct.  I had a very rewarding race day that I look back on and feel good about.  Wes seems like he would be great with athletes of any level as he is patient, encouraging, and uses science to formulate the plan. I couldn’t have achieved what I did without his knowledge and support.

Nicki Boyd

When I took Wes on, I lived just down the road and enjoyed the in person interaction we had – he was always available for coffee or an in person coaching session. Despite a country move and the ensuring chaos in my life, Wes has remained a steady, optimistic constant and been extremely flexible with my training schedule, often required on a last minute basis.
Wes also introduced me to a nutritionist, which has been key to unlocking my performance, particularly on the run.
The holistic approach is why I love working with Wes. Wes combines knowledge, data analytics and realism.The personalization and adaptation, together with a high EQ approach and sufficient focus on the mental contribution to training and racing. I’m not a professional athlete and when I work 100hr week, training hours and intensity have to reduce but I don’t want to be feeling guilty about that!
I have been training with Wes for coming up a year and have just had my best triathlon season ever – 2x Ironman 70.3 age group wins and 9th at the World Championship – so can highly recommend him!