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Coaching packages

Gold Plan

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  • This is an all inclusive package with no limits. phone, text, you got it! Personalized training program structured specifically for your schedule, with a weekly plan outlined in detail in Training Peaks. Workouts are continually adjusted based on feedback from your workouts, using heart rate and/or power zones.

  • This package includes: 

  • Programs uploaded weekly to Training Peaks
  • Initial phone consultation
  • Phone access by appointment when needed
  • Email access to your coach as needed
  • Premium Training Peaks account

Nutrition Analysis

Monthly Fee
  • *Must accompany a coaching plan.
  • The Fuel You Need to Succeed. Nutrition needs to be practiced and the GI system trained just like the body. Optimizing performance for any sport requires a fueling and hydration strategy. We specialize in endurance and ultra-endurance sports for athletes of all levels.
  • This package includes: 
  • Race week diet tapers
  • Pre-race meals
  • Hydration & electrolyte goals
  • Fueling tactics & energy needs
  • Body composition goals
  • Performance blood work
  • Female-specific nutrition needs
  • Travel strategies, Heat acclimatization, Cramping, Food intolerance and more
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