Coaching packages

Gold Plan

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  • This is an all inclusive package with no limits. phone, text, you got it! Personalized training program structured specifically for your schedule, with a weekly plan outlined in detail in Training Peaks. Workouts are continually adjusted based on feedback from your workouts, using heart rate and/or power zones.

  • This package includes: 

  • Programs uploaded weekly to Training Peaks
  • Initial phone consultation
  • Phone access by appointment when needed
  • Email access to your coach as needed
  • Premium Training Peaks account

Nutrition Analysis

Monthly Fee
  • *Must accompany a coaching plan.
  • The Fuel You Need to Succeed. Nutrition needs to be practiced and the GI system trained just like the body. Optimizing performance for any sport requires a fueling and hydration strategy. We specialize in endurance and ultra-endurance sports for athletes of all levels.
  • This package includes: 
  • Race week diet tapers
  • Pre-race meals
  • Hydration & electrolyte goals
  • Fueling tactics & energy needs
  • Body composition goals
  • Performance blood work
  • Female-specific nutrition needs
  • Travel strategies, Heat acclimatization, Cramping, Food intolerance and more
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$99 Tri Training Make-Over

Covid got ya wondering how to get your training back on track? Team Enduro is offering a special promotion to help you dial in your training so you’re ready for when the race season opens up. We'll provide you help with a 1-hour consultation that will cover an overall training overview, discuss ways to improve limiters, and provide feedback on specific questions that you have. From beginners to elites, Team Enduro has provided structured plans to endurance junkies for the last 14 years, and now we're ready to help you! We have certified coaches standing by ready to help you take your training to the next level.