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Everything You Need To Know About Fitness Training

by Sep 27, 2020Coaching0 comments

Athletes know that training is important and is something that needs to be a part of their everyday routine, regardless of whether you are training to compete or you simply want to maintain your physique. At Team Enduro, we will share this article that discusses everything you need to know about fitness training. If you want to know more information, we highly encourage you to continue reading below.

Everything You Need To Know About Fitness Training

What is the Definition of Fitness?

Fitness is the term used to refer to the state of an individual’s health and well-being. It is also the ability to do work, perform sports, and other daily activities.

What is the Importance of Being Physically Fit?

Individuals who are physically fit have a healthy body and able to maintain their ideal weight. They are also not prone to health issues like cardiac diseases.

What is the Importance of Training Regularly?

Regular training is important as it can help increase an athlete’s strength, endurance, and power as well as improve skill levels and overall performance during sports events. It also increases muscle tone, improves blood circulation, increases strength, flexibility, and mobility.

An athlete that undergoes regular training sessions can improve or speed up their recovery time after each round of training. This helps their body cope with the physical demands that they subject them to as well as help increase their resistance to stress, injury, and illness. Training can also help improve mental health as it increases the brain’s mental capacity and concentration and also boosts self-esteem.

What is the Importance of Training Regularly?

Why Do Athletes Have to Be Physically Fit?

Athletes know that it is important for them to maintain their physical fitness so that they can perform physical activity and sports without any difficulty. They know that in the world of sports they need to stay fit so that they can compete in sporting events. Staying fit is a part of their daily routine, they need to spend hours daily in their fitness training so they can prepare their body and they will have the energy to help them achieve results during competitions.

Athletes need fitness trainers that can help them achieve their preferred results. At Team Enduro, we will train with you one-on-one and we will create training plans that fit your needs. This is done through an assessment of your fitness levels so that we know where to start to help you improve so you can be prepared for your upcoming event.

Why is Fitness an Important Trait for Athletes?

Fitness is important for athletes because even when an athlete has the skills, they still need to focus on fitness training to perform consistently during the sports event. An athlete with poor fitness will easily get worn out and get tired faster. Skills and fitness are both required for an athlete to be able to perform well and get consistently good results.

What are the Benefits of Fitness Training?

1. It will keep you physically fit – When the body does not undergo regular training, it will eventually lose stamina and strength, as well as its ability to perform different activities. By performing exercises and fitness training regularly, you will increase and improve your muscle strength so you can improve your ability to perform daily physical activities as well as be capable of training effectively and efficiently to help you perform your best during the day of competition.

2. It helps improve flexibility – Fitness training that focuses on strength training will also help improve an athlete’s overall flexibility and mobility. Always remember that the muscles functions and performs in pairs, so when one part of a joint is contracted, the opposite side will be stretched. By training regularly, you can improve your overall flexibility. It will also improve an athlete’s ability, speed, and power by doing resistance training.

What are the Benefits of Fitness Training?

3. It helps decrease the risk and the degree of injury – Athletes are prone to injuries as it is a common occurrence in the world of sports. An athlete’s body is constantly facing physical activities and stresses regularly, which is why training is important so that it will help develop the muscles, tendons, and joints to make them resilient from the forces and stresses that are experienced during the competition.

4. It helps increase power – Power is the result of the combination of movement speed and muscle force. An athlete’s power can be increased if he or she can train regularly and also focuses on the specific skills related to their sport. The muscle force production is directly related to the size of the muscle used, and this results in an athlete’s ability to exert the much-needed power depending on their specific athletic skills and abilities.

When an athlete trains with a personal coach, their training must be progressive and the skill work and activity plan must be specific and related to what is expected during the competition. When all the necessary components are working effectively, the results will be highly efficient, which helps produce the best performance and preferred results for the athlete.

5. Improves an athlete’s resting metabolism – The muscle is active tissue, and a pound of new muscle will usually burn around 30-40 calories a day for its maintenance, especially when the body is at its resting phase.

If you have more new muscles you can increase your resting metabolism. For example, three pounds of new muscle can increase it by approximately seven percent. By training effectively and efficiently, you will be able to build new muscle that will burn calories.

This will result in the body becoming a calorie-burning machine which can be more effective in maintaining body weight and reduce excess body fat in the process. Even in its resting phase, the body will still be able to burn calories that will assist in sustaining your ideal body weight.

6. Improves the metabolism of glucose – When an athlete trains regularly they will be able to improve their body’s glucose metabolism. The higher uptake of glucose will result from a few months of continuous training and daily exercises. Strength training can also be used to prevent Type 2 Diabetes and other metabolic disorders which can also be beneficial in maintaining blood lipid levels.

7. It helps maintain a healthy and efficient body composition – When an athlete trains regularly, he or she will be able to maintain a healthy and efficient body that will be able to perform during sporting events. Healthy body composition means having a relative amount of fat tissue versus lean tissues.

By combining well-planned training, proper rest, and a well-balanced diet, athletes can achieve an ideal ratio of lean to fat body composition. The muscles in the body are responsible for body movements, so by effectively increasing the resistance training, this will help decrease the fat tissue in the body, which means that you are able to significantly improve an athlete’s overall performance during training and sports events.

An athlete’s speed, quickness, and power can be increased when he or she increases in lean weight without losing a lot of body fat in the process. Strength training can be used to maintain an athlete’s weight and body composition accordingly.

It helps maintain a healthy and efficient body composition

8. Increases bone mineral density – Progressive resistance training increases bone mineral density which results in increased bone strength that makes the athlete more resilient to injury and stress. This is quite useful for female athletes who can be prone to osteoporosis when they become older. Athletes with strong muscles and high bone density through resistance training can perform their best and at the same time get the best results during their competition.

Regular training is one of the most effective ways to improve an athlete’s overall performance, physical fitness, and other variables related to performance during sports events. Aside from physical benefits it also improves your mood. In addition to this, regular physical training can help reduce stress, depression, anger, and anxiety symptoms. It also helps increase an individual’s self-esteem and improve their cognitive levels.

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Increases bone mineral density

Team Enduro will help you by working on a specific training plan for each athlete. We will focus on your training by going through a complete and detailed analysis so that we can work on your goals together. Through our coaching plans, we will work on your fitness and help you reach your full potential, and we will do our best to guide you every single step of the way.

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