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During off-season and wintertime, what do triathletes do? Lay low and stay away from training? Taking a break from racing and training does not mean you can temporarily retire, during wintertime and offseason you can recharge your strength, build your base, work on your weaknesses, and find ways to stay fit. 

Check out below the different ways how triathletes stay fit during winter or off-season.

Stay competitive

You can keep racing if you have nearby gyms and triathlon clubs that have indoor races during winter and offseason, it usually involves an indoor pool, spin bikes, and treadmills. It is a typical short format that can be friendly and beneficial for newbies or those triathletes who have undergone a break or come back from surgery or injury. It can be a great way for you to stay fit and stay in shape so you will be ready once triathlon season comes. 

Join swim meets 

If you want to keep your competitive streak going, you can enter Masters Swim meets. If you need to work on or improve your swimming you can attend a few indoor swimming events because it can help improve your speed and stroke which will be useful when you are in open water during a triathlon race. You can also do your training in swimming by going to an indoor pool regularly so you can stay fit and improve your swimming skills. 

Hit the indoor racing tracks

Even though it is wintertime, you must polish your triathlon skills. You can go to the nearest indoor track so you can attend indoor racing meets. You can work on your speed and running skills. Just make sure to properly stretch and do warm-up exercises before any race so you can avoid any injury or accident while running. If a long indoor race can be a bit tough for you, just imagine how hard it will be if you have to also swim and ride a bike before the running race. 

Join indoor speed classes

You can go for a bike trainer and use your bike regularly. You can work on your pedal power and bike skills, or you can join an indoor cycling class so you can work on your bike skills and you can ask your trainer or coach to help you.

Try different exercises or workouts

You can attend a dance class, or check out Pilates, Zumba, CrossFit, strength training, yoga, or cross-training to keep yourself active. Trying out different types of workouts can help you stay in shape and be fit during wintertime. During the off-season, you can choose a day or two every week to do something different. You can also hit the slopes, sledding, or snowshoeing. This can be a great way to give yourself a break from intense workouts so you can prevent burnout or injuries. By doing this will help motivate you so you can stay fit and be ready for triathlon season. 

Check out these tips to consider during winter or offseason.


  • Warm-up with a swim for at least 500 yards 
  • Do 4-8 sets of swimming a distance of 25 yards
  • Do the first half of each set by forming a fist and making it as small as possible
  • Swim through the water by moving your arms and hands as fast as possible. This may feel like you are not moving or gaining speed with every arm stroke. This will help you with fast arm turnover. 
  • After you complete the segment of swimming with your fist, you can move on to the second half by opening your hands out of a fist. Once your hands are open, you must swim to the end exerting as much power and speed as you can. 
  • At the end of each set, allow yourself to take a few seconds (at least 20-30 seconds) to recover. This will be a great way for you to recover faster which will allow you to swim quickly again.

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When you go for this workout you will need an indoor trainer. 

  • Start the warm-up for 20-30 minutes. Choose a gear that will place a small pressure on the bike’s pedals. This will prevent you from free spinning, you should feel some pressure. 
  • Do 4-8 sets of pedaling for at least 30 seconds.
  • During the 30 seconds, you can increase the leg speed until you reach the maximum speed that you can accomplish. You can accomplish this activity without your butt moving off the bike’s saddle. 
  • Then after doing the sets, go back to the aerobic riding for 4 minutes and 30 seconds can be set as your recovery time.


You can run inside an indoor race track. 

  • Do a warm-up by running around the track. 
  • Do 4-8 sets of running for 20-30 seconds.
  • When doing an uphill climb, if you want to increase or pick up speed do a slight forward lean so it will be easier for you. Think about your feet feeling fast and light. Run fast but avoid swinging your arms wildly as if is out of control. You can do a recovery interval by walking for 60 to 90 seconds to allow your body to recover so you can do the set once again.
  • After you have done the sets, you can finish the workout with a short cool-down. 

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What are the important aspects to consider while training during winter or offseason?

Strength and conditioning program 

This means working with a triathlon coach because gym work focuses on improving your body for the upcoming triathlon races. This way, you can condition your body and mind properly. Bulking up or having large muscles will mean nothing if it will become a hindrance to your triathlon performance. Working with a triathlon coach will help you train so you can stay fit and be ready for the next triathlon race. 

Executing the right technique

When you are training for a triathlon, you must be injury-free. You can go for one-on-one training so you can do the work correctly. At Team Enduro, we will customize a training plan for you. We will help you deal with any issues and prepare you for what’s to come. 

Base training

You must avoid an intense workout. If you are working in the gym and preparing your body, work on improving your strength, endurance training, etc., instead of obsessing on bulking up. You must focus on the body’s base fitness so that you can work on your endurance training and a good form during every session. 

Indoor training

When you live in areas with cold climates, you will have to opt to train indoors during winter. You must avoid training outdoors as the roads can be dangerous and the temperature can be too cold for your body to endure. You can also train in indoor parks, gyms, or try virtual training videos so you can do a spin class, use a treadmill, and go to indoor swimming pools. 

Eating a balanced diet

One way to stay fit is to eat a well-balanced diet. A balanced diet may include fish, meats, vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates, and you must not forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Training can take a toll on your body, so you must provide all the energy and nutrients it needs to stay fit and healthy. During wintertime, you will need to take vitamins and supplements so you can boost your immune system. 

Rest and recovery

The offseason and winter is the perfect time to plan your recovery week. You can schedule a downtime after your training session. Your body and mind will need to recover and rest after a busy triathlon season. Most athletes find it hard to take time off, but you must keep in mind that you must rest so your body can recover from too much training. It is necessary if you want your body to be ready for the next phase of training. This will help you stay fit so you can be ready for the next triathlon race. 

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If you are a triathlon athlete, you must hire a triathlon coach to provide you with one-on-one training. Here at Team Enduro, we will help you train for your next triathlon race. We will create and customize training plans that will be focusing on your training needs. If you want to ask about our services please send us a message through this contact form here

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