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Being a triathlete is not easy; training for three different sports can be overwhelming, but it can be done if you have a coach that will give you customized one-on-one training that will focus on honing your skills and work on your weaknesses. By harnessing the different principles of efficiency, triathletes can streamline triathlon training. Here at Team Enduro, we will be sharing with you an article that discusses the different principles of efficient triathlon training. If you want to know more information, make sure to keep reading below to find out. 

Here are the following principles, that, when executed correctly, will allow triathletes to improve and maximize their performance gains in a matter of a few hours. Make sure to consider the following advice below if ever there will be time constraint issues during the training. 

Emphasize the consistency and frequency of training

If there is an opportunity to do short workouts, grab it. It helps you to become more consistent. You do not have to work out for a whole day. If you have less than an hour to do it, it will be beneficial and can be incorporated into a busy schedule. 

You must keep in mind that fitness is not something that improves or increases in direct proportion to the number of hours that you put training into it. You must remember that training consistently and regularly is better than doing the whole workout routine once a week for a whole day. Your body will reap the benefits of the training if you do it consistently.

For example, if you are on a vacation and you have extra time while waiting, you can squeeze in a short workout. Even when workouts are done in a short period of time, it is still effective in improving an individual’s fitness. Also, it is easy to recover from and can be effortlessly incorporated into a busy schedule. 

Triathletes who have busy weekdays usually end up cramming a huge chunk of their training in long sessions during weekends. Longer training periods are fine, especially if you are aiming to join a long-course triathlon racing. However, you must keep in mind that a short and consistent workout offers more benefits for you and your body in the long run. The consistent and long-term frequent stimulus to your body is beneficial for it as it adapts and boosts your body’s fitness. Instead of focusing on doing long training periods, you must focus on the consistency and the frequency of the training periods. 

Focus on working with a balanced plan

One mistake triathletes do when training is that they solely focus on increasing the total number of hours they accomplish per week, which often results in a disorganized training cycle. Instead, they should just focus on creating a balanced training plan of high-benefit workouts that produces great results. When training, they should consider combining a mix of VO2, sweet spot, threshold, technique, and recovery sessions into their fitness training plan. What you do during the training is what matters, not the duration of the training itself. 

When planning for your training, you must ensure that it is well-balanced and effective. You can ask a coach or trainer to help you identify key sessions that are non-negotiable. Consider high-intensity and key endurance training sessions as they are the most helpful in improving your fitness. The workout training must be scheduled during your free time so it will not be disturbed by other responsibilities. When starting the workouts, you must have good sleep and proper nutrition so you will have full energy during the training.  

Successfully executing the key session will boost your fitness. For example, you can do aerobic and threshold capacity to improve your fitness. These types of workouts will also improve your mental toughness so you will have the perseverance necessary for a triathlon race. 

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Adjust the intensity of the training according to your goals

If you want to maximize your training performance but you have a limited time every week, then you must set aside a large portion of your training focusing on upper-intensity zones. This means the majority of your training will be focusing on higher intensities than those triathletes that train around 15 to 20 hours a week. 

For most triathletes, the most intensity in their training is designated on the bike. Cycling is an excellent training choice for triathletes as it produces fewer traumas on the joints and tendons and has a low recovery cost. You can focus training on the bike as it is more feasible and has the least chance of injury. 

Cycling focuses on muscular power than running and it is affected by tendon elasticity. Most of the time, the lack of enough muscle strength and power will hinder triathletes on the bike. 

The cycling program must consist of sweet spot work and VO2 intervals. For efficient training, you must consider cycling in an indoor location as it will allow you to do the necessary workouts with concise intensities without worrying about experiencing outdoor hindrances like traffic, slippery roads, stop lights, or weather disturbances. If you want to train in cycling, you can do your riding indoors and it should be frequent and consistent. 

With regards to your marathon running fitness, you must focus on the volume and frequency than intensity. During run training, triathletes must work on increasing their volume to more than 25 miles a week before going for hard intervals and tempo runs. Before increasing the intensity of your run training you must make sure that you have the durability to endure the trauma that will occur on your body. This can be done by increasing volume to a suitable level rather than increasing both intensity and volume simultaneously which can be hard on your hard and can take a longer time to recover.

You can run close to your potential by focusing your training on diet zone two work and strides. It is more productive for a triathlete to work on their easy and frequent running than focusing on high-load run training sessions that are prone to injury and hinder their ability to work on other workouts in other disciplines. 

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Devote time according to your goals

If you are a triathlete and you are planning to race as fast as possible you must remember to not allocate equal time for each aspect of the race. Managing your time must be done strategically and should be adjusted according to the upside of each discipline. For instance, you will be joining a long-course triathlon race, the swimming aspect is a small component of the race, and usually, it will be about 10 percent of the total race time.

The bike aspect will be around 40 to 50 percent of the total race time. So this means bike strength must be prioritized over swim strength and you must focus your training on improving you’re cycling skills, especially if it is your weakness. On the other hand, if you are joining a draft-legal triathlon race where the swimming part is a huge component and you are a weak swimmer, you must focus on working and improving on your swim fitness training. 

For triathletes who have limited time available, they must prioritize working on improving their swimming skills. Most athletes experience a plateau in their swim fitness training wherein during this time a huge amount of time can be wasted making their fitness training more difficult. Once you reached your preferred proficiency level, you can target two to three swim training sessions per week so you can maintain your level of fitness. You can achieve consistency in your training sessions by attending a master’s group training which will allow you to swim for two hours per week.

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If you are training to become a triathlon athlete, you must choose a triathlon coach that will provide you with one-on-one training. At Team Enduro, we will help you get the training that you need to prepare you for your upcoming triathlon race. We will provide customized training plans for each of our clients and we will focus on your training needs accordingly. 

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