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Triathlon is a multi-sports race composed of three stages: swimming, biking, and running. First included in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, the most popular triathlon event globally is the Ironman World Championship. Also considered a cross-training routine, triathlon training is becoming a popular choice in staying fit because of its fantastic benefits.

Not all triathlons are the same

Triathlon events differ on the course lengths. It may range from a sprint to a full marathon. In each distance, the swim is always the shortest. The bike is the longest. In between those two distances is the run. The order of each triathlon is always the same. It always begins with the swim, the bike, and finally, the run. The table below shows how long each part of a triathlon is:

Sprint 0.5 miles

(0.75 km)

12.4 miles

(20 km)

3.1 miles

(5 km)

16 miles

(25.75 km)

Olympic Standard 0.93 miles

(1.5 km)

24.8 miles

(40 km)

6.2 miles

(10 km)

31.93 miles

(51.5 km)

Half Ironman 1.2 miles

(1.9 km)

56 miles

(90 km)

13.1 miles

(21.09 km)

70.3 miles

(112.997 km)

Full Ironman 2.4 miles

(3.8 km)

112 miles

(180 km)

26.2 miles

(42.195 km)

140.6 miles

(225.995 km)

What are the benefits of triathlon training?

The benefits are infinite in whatever stage you are in your triathlon training. If you are a beginner, the shorter sprint distances ease you and your body into the sport. The longer distances provide a level-up program, should your body crave for further challenge. Either way, going into or keeping at your triathlon training is a surefire way to keep yourself healthy and fit. Triathletes are some of the best-rounded athletes in the world, and these are the benefits they get from their training:

Better physical health

As a whole-body workout, triathlon training combines cardio buildup, muscle mass, and stamina boost. It improves your overall health and lowers your blood pressure. Consequently, it helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

You know a triathlete when you see one. They have a sculpted upper body, which they get from swimming. From cycling, they develop a toned lower body. Finally, running has given them long, lean legs.

Healthy eating

Training to swim, bike, and run, all at the same time will push you to eat a well-balanced diet. You will have increased awareness of what your body needs to get the energy you need for training. Making healthy food choices will be like a second skin to fuel your body to reach your next milestone.

Increased motivation to exercise

Far better than maintaining your fitness regimen, is looking forward to joining a big race. Add to the fact that your race includes three different sports, and you will undoubtedly be stirred up more than ever! Your preparatory workout definitely, won’t be ordinary. You can bike on the first day, swim next, then run on the third day. How fun is that?

Weight loss

If you have been having problems with weight management, perhaps you may want to consider training for a triathlon. The rigorous demands of the training will make you shed off your excess weight faster than conventional exercises. Being a multi-sport, the triathlon training also takes away the monotony of repetitive drills of your usual exercise routines. As a result, it makes you more likely to do it more consistently every day.

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Less risk of injuries

Triathlon training employs a more holistic approach than a conventional workout. Instead of focusing on specific body parts, the workload will be distributed to more body parts when you train for a triathlon. Because of this, you are less likely to experience local injury or pain.

The whole-body workout has also proven to decrease the risk of osteoporosis. When you get old, developing brittle bones and acquiring injury will be the least of your concerns. 

Multidisciplinary skills

Triathlon challenges you to become the best in all three sports in one training. If you think you are weak in one, then you can focus on it to optimize your triathlon training. 

Staying on top of the three sports you are training in squeezes out your creative juices and organization skills. You learn how to manage your time, set goals (either for training or other aspects of your life), and achieve them one by one.

Improved mental health

Triathlon is no easy sport. To compete in a triathlon race, you have to possess not only strong physical stamina but also a tough mental state. You have to be able to convince yourself that you can do it. 

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Stress relief

What happens to your body when you start your triathlon training? As exercise reduces the levels of your stress hormones, it also makes your body release your happy hormones called endorphins. With your body and overall health improving, there will be no room for stress.

Enhanced Confidence

When you see your overall health and physique improving, you will start to improve your perspective. As your confidence level rises, people around you will also see you in a new and positive light. You begin to conquer your fears, and you know how far you can push yourself.

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Inspiration to others

Training for a triathlon is inspiring in itself. How much more when you finish an actual race? When people see you accomplish something this big out of your sheer determination, even if you don’t do anything else, people will feel inspired to work on their health and fitness, too. You might be the spark that would ignite their dream of joining the race soon.

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