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If you are a beginner triathlon athlete and you are searching for tips that will help you during your first ever triathlon race, you came to the right place. Being a beginner at triathlon is a huge challenge and it can be easy to be at a loss to figure out where to start. Here at Team Enduro, we will share with you an article discussing the dos and don’ts during a triathlon to help you get started on your athletic journey.

Check out the tips that we have learned while preparing and completing a triathlon race. Yes, each race and course varies from one race to another so some may not apply to you, so check out some of these general guidelines and apply them when needed. 

Dos and Don’ts in the Transition Area


Do go there early and pick a spot that works best for you

Do you prefer the end of the rack so you can have extra room, or do you want to hold on to the rack while wearing your shoes? If you see any open spaces on extra racks, you can ask the race staff if they can allow you to set up there. Do not worry if you think it is a bit far from the exit, you can save a lot of time in the process by not having to wrestle into a limited space, which can help you with a faster transition. 

Do place your gear near your bike

You can place it in the same position where the wheel touches the ground. This is a known USAT rule. So whether you rack your bike via the seat or its handlebar, your gear must still be placed on the same side as the grounded wheel.

Do set up your space using a towel

Do not use a bath or beach towel; you can use a towel that is big enough so you can use it while you are changing your shoes. You can set your gear on the towel and return on it every time you need to make transitions. 

Do keep your transition gear organized properly

You must prevent anyone from tripping over your gear. Respect other people’s gear and space, no matter what happens. 

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Don’t remove other gear or bikes without the permission of their owner

You wouldn’t want the others to do this to your gear and bike right? You must respect them since they got to the spot ahead of you and have already set up their gear and bike. 

Don’t abandon your gear in the aisles after changing

Since the space is limited, you must not leave them where anyone can trip or kick your stuff all over the place. 

Don’t put on spray-on sunscreen near other people’s bikes or gear

Most sunscreen products are oil-based and can cause damage to the other racer’s bike paint, decals, and clear coats on the bike’s frame. 

Don’t run and push others without regard during the transition

You must be respectful and use your speed during the course only. 

Dos and Don’ts during Swimming


Do place yourself during the start based on your ability

If you cannot keep up with the expert triathlon athletes, you must stay away from them. You can keep your pace and save your strength. 

Do swim with others who have the same ability as you

You can avoid being clobbered and keep yourself safe while moving at a reasonable speed. 

If you need to catch your breath while swimming, do move out of the swim line to take a quick break

You can use a resting stroke. This will help you avoid disturbing others, and in the case that you need help, you will be more visible to the race staff or safety personnel. 

Do swim to the shore

You can probably swim faster than run through waist-deep water. Continue swimming until your hands can touch the bottom. This will allow you to pass the others who have tried running while still in deep waters. 

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Don’t come to a sudden start or stop as this can cause injury to the other swimmers

If you stop in the middle all of a sudden while swimming, someone can swim right into you. If you suddenly start swimming and do a breaststroke, your sideways kicking can hit others who are coming next to you.

Don’t hit others who have hit you unintentionally as this can cause a waste of energy and time

If you think someone is doing it deliberately, you can report this participant to a race staff so that they can deal with them later. 

Don’t crowd the turn buoy

If you cannot keep up with those swimming around you and if you try to swim on the side, you may only cause the others to swim over you, which can cause them to become irritated with you. 

Dos and Don’ts While Cycling

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Do be careful when leaving the transition area

You might be surrounded by other racers who are still wobbly and getting their bearings after the swim, so they may be having a hard time staying upright. They can bump into you with no warning.

Do educate yourself

You must educate yourself with any course abnormalities and even the USAT rules for the bike course conduct. 

Do stay on the right side of the lane

If you need to pass you should go on the left side. 

Do point out obstacles when needed

Since most triathlons in the US are non-drafting events, you will not be required to point out the obstacles for your competitors. However, as a courtesy, you can point out an obstacle if the competitor behind you is unable to see it. 

Do avoid being unpredictable while riding

It will dangerous to you as well as your competitors. You must allow some space when you overtake the other riders and stay in your line as much as possible and be predictable so you can avoid any accidents or injuries to you and the other racers. 


Don’t litter

Littering during the race will result in a penalty, so you should also be careful as anything that falls from your bike will be considered littering as well. Ejected water bottles can be a hazard during the bike course, as well as gel packets or C02 cartridges. You must ensure that your gear is secured and strapped in properly so that it can withstand any bump, jolt, or railroad tracks that you will have to pass. 

Don’t get in the way of the other athletes

If you need to take care of roadside repairs during the race, you can set it up far off the road so that you will not be a hazard to the other riders. This can help prevent any accidents or injuries to you or others. 

Don’t speed up when you’re near an aid station

Riding too fast near aid stations can cause injuries or accidents. There will be volunteers standing over there waiting for anyone who will be needing assistance or help.  

Dos and Don’ts During Running

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Do run to the right and pass on the left

If you will not need any aid from any of the stations, then you must move one or two steps to your left. This can allow you to avoid running into anyone leaving the station or prevent anyone who is moving in. 

Do slow down when needed

If you want to walk through the station if you need to grab your aid, it is best to grab it first before slowing down to walk. After you pass the station, you can move over to the right. This can prevent disrupting anyone coming behind you that are planning to grab and go. 

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Do make use of the aid stations when you need it

If you need to refill your hydration bottle, you can approach an aid station. You can go to the end of the station so you can easily step out of the flow of traffic. Allow your intentions to be known. If you need to grab water, you must go and vocalize it so the volunteer can hear you and assist you accordingly.

Do make use of the provided waste bins

If you need to throw away your trash, you must use the trashcans set up around you. The volunteers will pick up every bit of trash left after the race. So you must do your part and help those who are helping you. If you can help make their jobs easier, then do so. 

Do thank the event’s volunteers

Do not forget to thank the volunteers. Without their help, this event will not push through. 


Don’t take up too much space while you are in the path

Everyone is allowed to have a decent amount of room during the race. If you want to pace with your friend, you must yield to anyone the right of way when needed. If there are sections of the race that you need to run at a single pace, then do so. 

Don’t think that someone wants your company

When you see someone who is pacing at the speed you are going, do not assume that someone will want you to be in their space. You can ask them if they want a companion while running so you can help each other to finish the race. 

Don’t presume that the others want to chat 

During the race, athletes just want to run the race without speaking to anyone. You must respect the other racers and give them space. Some are looking to find their groove, and listening to someone chatting nonstop is not a part of it. 

Don’t bring the mood down if you’re having a hard time

Just because the race track or course has been difficult you must not deal with it with your negative attitude. If you have been having a hard time during the race, then don’t allow it to dampen the mood of the other racers as well. Just deal with yourself and use positive thoughts so it can help you pull through the race and finish it. 

Don’t get angry at the volunteers

Reprimand any volunteer. Volunteers are there to help you out. If you need anything, for example, a water refill, you must let them know nicely. 

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