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There are hundreds of reasons why a triathlete will need a triathlon coach, since every triathlete has unique needs. However, there are five good reasons that are universal. If you have been coaching, then most likely you will find yourself explaining the value that coaching actually provides.

As a coach, there are different types of questions that you will probably get. For instance, how can a coach add value to what you are already doing? What can they expect from their investment? Is it all about improving technique and performance or is it simply a programme? Do you have any coaching certifications that you can show, and do they really matter?

Here are the top reasons why you should get a coach.


While you can always choose self-coaching through pre-recorded programmes, this is only handy to build base fitness and not specific to you. Keep in mind that one size does not fit all! With a personalized coached programme, you can always guarantee that they are tailor made according to your needs, lifestyle, and goals. This typically includes hard hill climbs, strength training, long easy runs, as well as recovery days.

Your coach can also provide you with advice on hydration and race nutrition. A good coach will work with you in creating a programme that fits your life, work, and training time.


If you feel sick, then you will see a doctor. If you want to know how to play a certain musical instrument, then you will visit a music teacher. So, if you are getting serious with your sport, then you will need a coach.

The best endurance coaches are knowledgeable about nutrition, physiology, sport psychology, race tricks, sport-specific skills, athletic injuries, plan individualisation, goal-appropriate training, and so much more! Also, they are aware of the current techniques since this is their job. Certifications do matter, so it is important that you should ask your future coach if they have any certifications that they can show you for verification.

Corrective Action

Your level of experience as an athlete won’t matter since your coach can help you in adopting proper training practices and good techniques right from the start. Your coach will also give you objective feedback regularly and provide corrective action, either via online or in person. They will make sure that you are on track, which means that you are not doing too little or too much. If you have some questions along the way, then you can always ask your coach about it.
Corrective Action


A coaching relationship can be considered as a partnership. Coaches are already used to working with various types of personalities. Some coaches act as the cheerleader of athletes, while some athletes want their coach to add variety to their training programs. There are also other athletes who prefer a hands-off method and want to receive weekly training plans.

Whatever you decide you want, your coach will definitely support you. Some people find it hard to slow down, especially if there is someone watching over their shoulder. The success of the athlete is also the success of the coach.

Maximize Your Investment

In the long run, you can save time and money if you decide to invest in a coach. If you are training incorrectly or insufficiently on your own, then you will just be wasting your time and money. After training for several hours, spending a lot of money for the big race, in addition to your travel and gear expenses, you would want to have the best possible performance at every race.

Aside from providing a training programme, a good coach can do more. They will act as your teacher, mentor, and motivator.

How to Choose the Best Coach

When you need a coach, be sure to choose someone who has decades of experience. They should have proper coaching certifications. They should offer you personalized coached programmes. Weekly or daily progress reviews must be provided along with some corrective action.

Make sure that they have worked with different types of athletes of all ages and abilities. Look for a coach that can help you in improving your skills, performance, and mindset. They can motivate you to achieve your desires.

If you want to maximize your investment in your sport, then you can choose Team Enduro. They offer different types of coaching packages. For more information, you can contact us at 303-456-6969 or send us a message at