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10 Reasons That Will Inspire You To Be A Triathlete

by Oct 13, 2020Coaching0 comments

In today’s world, most people spend their days sitting behind a desk at work or school and living a sedentary lifestyle that comes with back pain, weight gain, and poor posture.

Triathlon provides a form of escape and relief for many as it offers the foundation to build a healthier, stronger body.

If you’re looking for more reasons to try a triathlon, we’ve rounded up a list for you:

You Gain Memorable Life Experiences

It’s fun to join cycling, running, and swimming events, but there’s something more exciting about a triathlon. Where else can you experience swimming in the middle of the ocean among a thousand athletes while the sun is rising, and helicopters hovering overhead?

Or ride a bike at 30mph through a usually bustling city-center that’s been temporarily closed for the race? Or run past cheering spectators on a beachfront? These experiences are all only part and parcel of the best triathlons in the world. If you are looking for unique experiences, triathlon offers plenty of these.

You Get A Fitter Body

A few months of triathlon training can gradually improve your physique. Triathletes often develop a swimmer’s upper body (without the bulk), a cyclist’s toned legs, and a runner’s slim stomach. If you do weekly strength and conditioning sessions, you will likely have greater flexibility and core stability, too.

An hour of training for triathlon burns about 500-1000 calories, so if you eat sensibly, there’s no reason you wouldn’t shed some excess body fat. And the best thing? You’ll be so focused on training for your upcoming races that you’ll get leaner and fitter without fussing about it.

You Enjoy a Constant Variety

It gets tedious doing the same thing every single day, but it’s something you won’t experience when training for a triathlon. For starters, there are three different disciplines, and there are also optional strength and conditioning workouts. Every tri-training also varies per session.

One session you’ll be swimming in a lake, the next day you’ll be practicing your tumble-turns in your local pool, and some days you’ll be riding your bike up a mountain, or running at a steady pace in the sunshine.

Triathlon training entails speed-sessions, endurance sessions, tempo sessions, and brick sessions, in addition to all the methods and techniques you need to master. In short, each training day is different, and you’ll always be faced with new challenges.

You Reduce Your Risk of Injuries

We’ve all had injuries, and they are the worst that can happen if you’re training for a sport. But did you know that doing triathlon can reduce your risk of injury because you are doing three different sports that focus on different parts of your body? Since your workout will be varied and target different muscle groups, the mix of activities lessens the chance of putting stress on just one area of your body.

This is unlike other sports that put a big emphasis on one particular part of the body, such as football. Triathlon also has a cross-training effect, which means that one discipline’s fitness gains contribute to another.

You Make Good Friends

You Make Good Friends
Triathlon has an excellent social element to it. There are three disciplines you can get stuck into, and you’ll spend a lot of time training with runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes. You’ll make friends at races as you rub elbows with the same people in different locations.

Racing triathlons around the country and abroad puts you in a shared adversity situation where social bonds are created. Triathlon is a great equalizer, too, as it brings people from all walks of life together, because when you’re swimming, cycling and running, all things are equal.

You Support a Good Cause

The challenge of a triathlon can be scary, but the thought of doing it for a good cause is an excellent additional incentive to train consistently. Most triathlons worldwide have charity places available for a range of organizations. When your friends and family learn that you’re signing up for a triathlon, they might cough up their hard-earned dough, giving you free entry.

You Can Inspire Others

The challenge of triathlon is no joke, so when people see that you can do it, they might be encouraged to convince themselves that they, too, can accomplish it. As you put your effort and determination to finish a triathlon, you create a naturally inspiring story for people, leading them to strive for better health and achieve the seemingly impossible.

You See More of The World

Signing up for triathlon races can take you to stunning race venues you never dreamed of going to, but will be glad you did. Triathlon races are often held in areas of interest or natural beauty, such as National Parks, city centers, magnificent homes, mountains, beaches, and the best lakes. Even if you race in your own country, you’ll visit great places that you never knew before.

Goal Setting

Triathlon encourages you to set new goals and work towards them continually, and it’s a great feeling to have ambitions that you gradually realize. Triathlon can also trigger positive changes in other aspects of your life. If high-achievers constantly surround you, you might start to become one yourself. Triathlon can leave you thinking: “If I can do triathlons, what are other things that I can do?”.

You Enjoy Bragging Rights

Completing a triathlon is a big feat, so imagine the jaw-dropping response you’ll receive from your friends, family members, and coworkers when you tell them you finished another incredible 10k run, biked 25 miles, and swam a mile. Completing a triathlon can automatically make you a badass.
You Enjoy Bragging Rights

While triathlon may seem overwhelming to train for on the surface, most triathletes are average folks with jobs and a family, who simply want to de-stress. Like any sport, triathlon has an initial learning curve, but a triathlon coach can guide you throughout your journey. And while triathlon training requires some time management and maybe waking up early for a few morning sessions, the truth is anyone can be a triathlete.

We hope we got you excited to be a triathlete! If you’re considering signing up for a triathlon, we recommend that you train with a professional triathlon coach to ensure you’re doing things the right way. To sign up for our coaching packages, please call us at 303-456-6969 or send us an email at